Why Take Art Lessons?

     Art lessons are known to help children succeed in school and other areas of life. For adults, art can help improve additional skills such as problem-solving abilities and critical-thinking. Art lessons can change a persons approach to things and help them gain a more open attitude towards learning. Adults may want to re-investigate an interest or talent they have had. Others may just want to learn a new skill or try a different media.
     The ability to draw is not inherited and is a teachable subject. I believe that as much as seventy-five percent of an artist's skill is taught. Art is developed through lessons just as a person would need piano lessons or dance lessons to progress in those areas. The remaining twenty-five percent that makes a successful artist is a combination of things such as: God given talent, desire to create and societal factors. If a person does not have the interest or opportunity to practice their art the talent will never come to fruition. Given the right support and guidance, the negative effects of fear of failure, competition, criticism, or comparison can be overcome. Art lessons can give the self-esteem needed in order to succeed. Developing Artists is the perfect place for all art students; it is never too late to be an artist. (Students in group lessons have a minimum age of eight)