Class Policy

  • Please arrive 5 minutes early to class for set-up. Clean up will begin 5 minutes before the end of class.

  • Upon arrival please remove footwear and place on the plastic mat against the hallway wall.

  • All outer garments are to be removed and placed on the staircase and not on the classroom chairs or floor.

  • All supplies must be brought to class in a zippered backpack/carrier and stored against the classroom wall.

  • Students are expected to use their art class supplies only for lessons so nothing gets removed, lost, or used.

  • Students may be charged for the replacement of any missing supplies.

  • Music is not allowed during class.

  • Talking is allowed only to the teacher and about their artwork. Chatting is a distraction and hinders concentration.

  • Oils must be water-soluble with water cleanup. Charcoal or pastel media may not be used.

  • Students are allowed drinks with lids, however no food or gum is permitted.

  • Cell phones are allowed on vibrate, but only emergency communication will be allowed.

  • Restroom is for emergency use only and must be left clean.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations can be done by phone, in writing or via email. Email must be sent to in order to qualify for cancellation.

  • Weekday group class cancellations must be made before 12pm noon.

  • Saturday group class cancellations must be made before 9pm on Friday.

  • Private classes or Critique session must provide at least 24-hour notice before class for cancellation.

  • Students will be charged the full amount for their class (Group or Private) if they do not meet the cancellation criteria, as stated above. This charge must be paid prior to the start of the student's next lesson or by mail if not continuing classes.

  • Substituting class days and/or frequent cancellations may forfeit your space in class.

  • I do not cancel classes for snow, bad weather, or individual school days or half days off.

  • Vacation and/or other planned days off are listed on my website under ‘Classes’ -> ‘Availability & Contracts’.

  • Students can quit at any time using these class cancellation criteria.

  • I reserve the right to cancel classes at any time and credit will be issued if applicable.


  • No cancellations or refunds are available for summer workshops.

MANDATORY Driving Rules:

  • Drop-off/pick-up students on my side of the road so they don’t have to cross the street. You must use my driveway for all parking/sitting & turns; no street parking is permitted. Please be mindful of the 25mph speed limit especially if you use the cul-de-sac. When parking, please go to the bottom of the drive so others may park behind you. If you arrive early for pick-up please wait in the driveway, not the street. Notify all people who will be driving your student of these important rules.