Critique/Mentoring Sessions:
     These sessions are for artists who are willing and able to work on their own yet still want input and advice as they proceed in their personal journey.  This could include a student majoring in art or an adult pursuing art as a second career or hobby.  I will give constructive, tangible feedback and support for artists working in any 2D medium to sharpen your visual awareness and critical thinking.  Give yourself some focused, intense analysis of your artwork and/or process.
     The artist determines the frequency and duration.  Session is $40 for first 30 minutes plus $20 for each additional 15 minutes.  Contact Lisa G. Bailey to schedule an appointment.

Exhibition Judge:
     I am available to judge any regional art show or exhibit.  Fee for this service is negotiable depending on time and distance.  (See Resume for previous experience.)

Gift Certificates:
     Gift certificates for any aspiring artist or collector are available.  The purchaser is given a colorful certificate that is personalized for any occasion such as birthdays or holidays.  Gift certificates may be used towards lessons, services, or towards the purchase of artwork.  Gift certificates do not expire but must be presented at time of service or purchase.  Can be purchased in the shop.

     Please contact Lisa G. Bailey about your local non-profit organization needs and fund raising efforts for consideration.