Spotlight on Kiara Jin

Kiara is learning the elements of art.  Line is the first element, and there are five kinds of line: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved and zigzag.  This project focuses on vertical and horizontal lines only without the use of a ruler.  They are tasked to remember to keep their body and paper at right angles to each other in order for the brain to know the line is straight.  During this exercise the student must create an interesting design using markers, so they can't erase and have a dominant color.

Kiara Jin.8 yrs.markers

Kiara Jin.8 yrs.markers

Posted with permission.

Ranked 2nd in MA

So excited to be ranked 2nd place in MA. This honor is given to the school that had the most students accepted for publication in the Summer 2017 Book for the National Celebrating Art Contest.  For Over-All in MA I received 5th place. This honor is given to the Massachusetts school that had the highest total number of accepted students in ALL the Celebrating Art National contests since they started in Fall 2010 and now has over 59,000 schools that participate nationwide.  My first student entered 2 yrs later in summer of 2012.


Eight Students Accepted for Publication

Celebrating Art Summer National Contest just announced the winners that will be published in their next book.  Of the eleven students that entered I had eight students accepted.  I am very excited for my students. Only the top 25% of all the entries in the nation, in each age group, are accepted for publication.  I am so proud of them all. I will be posting each student separately with the winning artwork in my future blogs.  

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