As an Artist I enjoy sharing my paintings through art exhibits and teaching art lessons so those who have a passion for art can grow and develop new skills.  Because it is important for me to keep current in the mediums that I teach, I purposefully change what I use professionally for my artwork. I select the medium depending on the vision I have for each painting. By using different media my imagination is stimulated allowing for greater creativity and growth. I like to travel and am fortunate enough to tour multiple locations across the country.  While I am traveling I take lots of pictures to collect images and ideas to help craft my artwork, often combining multiple images to create a single painting. While I typically capture nature, of late I have been fashioning montages as it allows me to express myself in distinctive ways.  I have always enjoyed a good challenge; as such I like researching new subject matters to continue to further my self-development as an artist.
            Realism has its place, however through the years I have found myself wanting to depict more than just one image alone within the confines of a single artwork.  Rather than presenting a factual reality, I often like to produce an image that conjures the imagination of the viewer by presenting more abstract art.  Expressive paintings are more than the summery of the subject but a result of the choices made: eliminate, simplify, and/or change.  My paintings have been noted for their sense of movement, use of light, and color; this grants the viewer the ability to share in the spirit that I hold for each piece.
            While I do work with most mediums I am intrigued by watercolor because it explores the physical phenomenon of volume color, the changing of color based on the volume, that only transparent fluids present.  With watercolor, the more layers of a color you add to a single location the darker the color becomes. I have incorporated certain aspects of things that have fascinated me all my life: stained glass windows, kaleidoscopes and impressionism, and created a unique style called "Colorweave".
            My artwork encompasses the very nature of light, movement, and layering of color in an abstract form.  By isolating and repeating shapes to create new sequences, I reveal an inseparable relationship between motion and color luring the viewer around the whole painting.  Sometimes images are manipulated to be interwoven thus emerging a multi-layered painting that can be interpreted on several levels.  My ultimate goal as an artist is to develop something unique for the viewer to enjoy while expanding their imagination.