Lisa G. Bailey

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I work and teach in many drawing and painting mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, oil, colored pencil and pen and ink. I feel it is important to keep current with the mediums in which I teach. The different mediums stimulate my imagination and allows for more creativity and growth. I decide which medium to use depending on my vision for each painting. I travel extensively in order to collect images and ideas to help create most of my paintings, which have nature as the dominant theme. In any medium, my paintings accent color with a vibrantly complex color pallet. My paintings are also noted for their sense of movement, and my attention to detail. I explore many different techniques while adding my own interpretation.

Through this process I have created a unique style in watercolor that I call Color Weave. Color Weave explores the physical phenomenon of volume color that only transparent fluids present. After I sketch the picture I weave the lines throughout the painting with overlapping transparent color to generate the composition. I enjoy playing with repeating shapes and interwoven images designing a multi-layered painting that can be read on several levels. I believe an expressive painting is more than creating a literal summary of the subject but the result of choices made by the artist; what to eliminate, change or simplify. I love reaching for new territories and adjust my perception of realism versus abstract in the attempt to investigate, develop, test and refine my skills. Each new painting will have an element of personal challenge in which I attempt something I have never done before.

I have a B.A. in art and started my own business, Developing Artists, to teach drawing and painting to children and adults. I enjoy being an artist/teacher but I am fascinated and intrigued by the challenge when I am an exhibit judge. I am an active member of several local art associations and maintain a busy exhibiting schedule in which I have received numerous awards. My artwork can be found in both individual and corporate collections throughout the United States.

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